1. Which genres/styles/lengths do you edit?

I will edit everything from full-length novels, to short stories, to thesis papers, to short blog e-books in any and all genres.

I do not edit children’s books, picture books, early readers chapter books, nor books where humans are not the main characters.

If you have questions about my specific experience in your genre, contact me either at the bottom of this page or via email.

2. Are you available for regular projects?

Yes, I would love to work regularly for your organization. Simply fill out this form or email me with the details of your request.


1. How much can I expect a project to cost?

I generally charge a per-word flat-rate fee based on the extent of editing that I will need to do — that is anywhere from 1 cent to 3 cents per word — depending on if I’m doing a sale or not. You can get a more specific quote for free by contacting me directly.

 2. Do you work with international authors?

My expertise is in U.S. English and I charge in USD. If that is acceptable to you, then we can work together despite international boundaries.

3. How far in advance should I book you?

Regardless of who you choose to edit your project, you need to book your editor as early as possible. Editing is a lengthy process, and I can’t add new projects to my schedule if they will push back other deadlines. I recommend booking at least 1-2 months in advance — perhaps more — if you’re on a tight deadline.

4. Do you work with a contract?

In an effort to protect both myself and my authors, I will require us both to sign a contract. A sample of this can be downloaded here. Please note that it will be different for each individual, this is merely a sample.

5. How will payment work?

As soon as we have signed the contract and you send me your unedited manuscript, I will send you an invoice. This invoice will be due seven (7) days following the expected project completion date at the latest.

You may pay any time from the submission of the invoice until this due date, but I recommend paying as early as possible, because I tend to complete projects much earlier than planned, and I will not release the edited manuscript to you until after I have received payment.

I also have a late payment policy that is outlined in our contract.

6. What file format do you prefer?

I like to work in Microsoft Word because it allows you to track my changes and comments simply. Additionally, it works across most operating systems, including PC, Mac, and Linux.


1. Do you offer a sample edit?

Because my method of editing is so collaborative and involves so much communication between myself and the author, I like to ensure that we will be a good fit for one another by offering a free sample edit.

I usually have the writer send me the first section of their project (between 500 and 750 words), to be fully developmentally and copyedited by me in 1-3 days. Afterward, the author is able to analyze my edits and comments and decide whether or not I will work well with their goals and vision. Then we go on from there.

This sample is completely free and non-obligatory, so you really have nothing to lose! Simply ask for a quote and I will write back asking for part of your manuscript.

2. What is developmental editing vs. copyediting?

A developmental edit takes place earlier in the writing process, and refers to providing comments toward the development and flow of the story, including discussing major themes, inconsistencies, character development, plot structure, tone, etc. It does not involve correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, etc.

This type of editing is highly subjective, and will be performed via comments on the side of the manuscript, rather than me directly changing the content. This allows you and I to work together to create the book in your vision, not mine. Developmental editing is a collaborative effort that should involve extensive communication between us both.

If you would like me to make changes directly into your manuscript, this will be referred to as a rewrite and results in additional charge.

A copyedit takes place later in the writing process, and refers to correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, etc. It does not involve the plot or content of the manuscript.

I am able to complete either or both of these with your project. Simply let me know what you’re looking for when you ask for a quote.

3. What are my responsibilities as the writer?

All of your responsibilities will be outlined clearly in our contract, but here are a few key points:

  • Provide me with all the materials and information necessary to complete the job in a timely manner. Delay may result in delayed delivery of completed project.
  • Provide me with feedback as requested in a timely manner. Delay may result in delayed delivery of completed project.
  • Complete payment as specified in our contract. Non-payment will result in late fees and possible prosecution. I will not release work to any client until after the amount has been paid in full.

4. How long can I expect the edit to take?

This really depends on the word count and the current quality of the project. After I do a free sample edit for you, I can give you a more detailed time frame.

Remember, I may not be available immediately after you complete your writing. I recommend booking a few weeks or even months in advance to ensure that I can work with your timeline.


1. Do I need to credit or acknowledge you in my final work?

Of course not. I always appreciate a shout-out, whether it’s in your final product, on social media, or via word-of-mouth, but you are by no means required to credit me. I also won’t list your book on my site as a “product” of mine — it’s up to you to share that I worked with you if you would like.

2. Where can I send my testimonials?

I’m so glad to hear you have feedback for me! You can submit it here.

3. Do you guarantee that my project will be error-free?

There is no way that I can guarantee this; however, I will do my absolute best to work with you throughout the entire process to make you and your project a success. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a refund should you find a mistake in your project after I submit it back to you.

4. What will you do with my project after the work is finished?

Absolutely nothing. It is explicitly written in our contract that I will not sell, share, or otherwise distribute any version of your manuscript. I may want to use your manuscript as a before/after example in my portfolio, but if that’s the case, I’ll ask for your written permission first.

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