For the last five years, I have worked professionally as a writer and editor. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in 2010, and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry in 2015, I have proven myself time after time to be one of the best in my field.

To say I am a nerd would be an understatement.

My nerdom covers a variety of topics: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, everything CS Lewis, theology, old Bibles, coffee (even though I don’t really drink it), butchery (what can I say, I like meat), barbering, Scotland, hip-hop, Irish folksy worship bands (see Rend Collective), and the list goes on…

One topic that I am exceedingly nerdy about is the written word. I love to sit down at my desk to a messy pile of semi-coherent text on a page and turn it into something magical.

And you know what? I’m pretty good at it, too.

Services offered include:

Developmental Editing

A developmental edit takes place early on in the writing process, and refers to providing comments toward the development and flow of the story — including discussing major themes, inconsistencies, character development, plot structure, tone, etc. It does not involve correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, etc.

In nonfiction, it also involves the verification of facts and an examination into sources.

This type of editing is highly subjective, and will be performed via comments on the side of the manuscript, rather than directly changing the content. This allows you and I to work together to create the book in your vision, not mine. Developmental editing is a collaborative effort that should involve extensive communication between us both.

If you would like me to make changes directly into your manuscript, this will be referred to as a rewrite and results in additional charge.


A copyedit takes place later in the writing process and refers to correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, etc. It does not involve the plot or content of the manuscript.

proofread is the last stage of editing, when your manuscript is almost ready for publication. It’s a cheap, simple once-over of your work for grammar, spelling, and mechanics.


Writing or ghostwriting are the most costly services I offer. In this process, you are the boss — you give me direction. It is not possible for every person to communicate an idea in writing, and this is where I can help.

Writing services can vary from writing regular blog posts, articles, or other content. This service requires my name to be attached to the work submitted, but you have ownership of the content.

Ghostwriting is similar to writing, but adds more in-depth writing, including books. Ghostwriting is different from the writing service in that my name is not attached to the content. Not only will you have ownership of the final product, but it will be presented as if you wrote it all yourself.

I am able to complete any or all of these with your manuscript or other project. Simply let me know what you’re looking for when asking for a quote.