Why you aren’t getting published

This can be one of the most frustrating questions any writer asks: why am I not getting published?

You don’t want to slave for months, and pour out your blood, sweat, and tears, only to come to the end of the writing process and have your work unavailable to the public. No writer wants that to happen.

So, what are you to do when the writing has been completed, you’ve had someone edit the work, and you are shopping it around to publishers without so much as a nibble? Here are three options you can take to push through the frustration and help your work see the light of day:

1. Go back and edit again

Let’s be real, this is not the answer you want to hear. You’ve worked your tail off to even get your project to this point, only to be told that it needs to be reedited — and maybe even rewritten?!?


The truth of the matter is, improvements can always be made. Whether those changes come through the correction of a few grammatical errors, fixing minor plot holes, or maybe even rearranging events to make more sense; improvements can always be made. Even this blog post will see some changes over the course of time…it’s just the way it goes.

So, don’t see the need for additional edits and rewrites as a chore, but view it as an opportunity to create the best product you possibly can.

2. Start writing something else

This may seem counterproductive, but hear me out.

When you’ve spent such a long time working on something, you tend to create blinders around that thing and can’t evaluate it with a critical eye. After all, in many ways, that piece of writing has become a cherished part of yourself. So, to put it on the back burner will seem rather painful — but it will help.

While you are beginning to work on a new project, take a few hours every couple of weeks to revisit your unpublished work and see where some tweak may be needed. As you continue moving along in the process of writing a new piece, you can begin to gain a new clarity into what might have gone awry before.

And, who knows, this new project may blow the previous one out of the water.

3. Publish the work yourself

Unlike in times past, today’s market is the best opportunity for you to self publish your work. While this can be a more time-consuming task — typesetting the book, designing a cover, marketing, etc. — it will afford you complete anonymity and ownership of your work. Besides, you can always hire out for the tasks most daunting, or that you are unskilled to complete.

There are many outlets available to those who wish to self publish, but by far the most resourceful and “bang for your buck” is through Amazon CreateSpace. Going through their process will not only get your writing in the hands of your readers, but also put you in front of millions potential fans on the world’s biggest online bookstore.

What could be better than to publish your own work and get it out there for the masses?

Those are your options for working to get your writing out to the public. Hopefully you will have ease in finding a willing publisher, but you may not. If you’d like more information on publishing, or if you are in need of someone taking another long, hard look at your work, click here.


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